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Travel Management or Corporate Travel Management (CTM) defines the strategic approach of a company towards the travel policy, its negotiations with all vendors, managing day-to-day operations of the corporate travel program, taking care of traveler's safety and security, credit-card management as well as travel and expenses data management. Corporate travel management decides on the class of service that employees are allowed to fly, negotiate corporate fares / rates with airlines and hotels as well as streamline the use of the corporate credit card. J & J Skyline Travel, as an agency, on the other hand, makes the actual reservation within the parameters given by the corporation. We provide travel advice, do research and offer booking services to business clients. The corporate travel agent assists corporate executives and employees in making business travel plans in accordance with corporate policies regarding travel, and sees that this also reduces costs.

J & J Skyline Travel understands the complexities of business travel and the importance of trusting one's travel management company. With our extensive experience and our features designed to simplify and economize your bookings, you can well be assured that your travelers are in good hands.

J & J Skyline Travel manages all aspects of a client's travel program while identifying cost savings and eliminating excess spending at every step. With an emphasis on quality over quantity, we exhibit a high-level service approach with management involvement to ensure that you are optimizing your travel program. We can support your travel needs worldwide.

How you benefit:

  1. Round the clock and around the world, business travel can be unpredictable – 24/7 access
  2. Our relationships – your benefits
  3. Having close ties with the travel vendors one uses is the best way to deliver exceptional service which benefits when you need it the most
  4. Mega million dollar leverage
  5. 21 years of corporate expertise
  6. J & J Skyline Travel passes on the value we receive to our clients
  7. One client at a time, we value you.



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